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Discover ways to Thrive

I help people with mental health issues discover ways to strengthen personal resources to create a life worth living.
You can regain a sense of hope and work towards a positive future.

Counselling with Wellbeing Wise

Would you like to discover your unique ways to thrive?
Counselling can help you to create a life worth living where you are the best version of you. Imagine living with meaning and purpose regardless of what life throws at you. Picture yourself thriving at life not just surviving.
Melody Edwardson, counsellor and owner of Wellbeing Wise in Sunnybank, Brisbane.

Hello, I’m Melody Edwardson

I can help you to strengthen your personal resources to thrive.
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Understand yourself better to make better decisions.
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Figure out what is important to you so you spend your time on what matters most.
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Handle your feelings so they don’t overwhelm you.
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Treat yourself more kindly so you feel good about yourself.
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Get clear about how you want to treat others so you have better relationships.
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Overcome the obstacles getting in your way of having the good life that you deserve.
After 30 years’ working in disability and mental health services, I found myself spending increasingly more time on paperwork than people which was sucking the life out of me. I knew I could do more good in the world and be kind to my neurodivergent brain by opening my own service with Wellbeing Wise. I now focus my time on providing down to earth, jargon free counselling and training to people 16 years and over.
No referrals needed
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NDIS plan and self managed people welcome
Ways we can work together
Counsellors are not part of Medicare so Wellbeing Wise does not provide Medicare rebates or mental health treatment plans.
The counselling couch at the Wellbeing Wise office of Melody Edwardson.
“Melody listened to what I wanted to achieve and helped me to turn negative challenging situations into positive small steps toward setting achievable goals that make a positive impact in my life”.
– Paula –

Why work with Wellbeing Wise

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Personal Experience

I started working in mental health because I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by big emotions and to feel hopeless and helpless. I also know it is possible to create a rich life full of meaningful and purpose. I have done it. What works for me is unique to me and what will work for you, will be unique to you. I can help you discover what works for you.
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Commitment to Wellbeing

I only work part time at Wellbeing Wise so I can fit in more activities that give my life meaning and purpose. This includes walking in the forest everyday to connect with the natural world, being part of Free Mum Hugs Australia to celebrate the LGBTIQA+ community, mentoring at my local high school and being on the board at Support Groups Queensland.
My favourite wellbeing booster is hanging out with my beautiful, blended family including 4 kids 21, 21, 17 and 15 and our gorgeous staffy-cross sharpei fur baby Rocky.
My key learnings about mental health and how to create a thriving, positive future has come from people I have worked with and their families.
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My Qualifications

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Masters in Mental Health Practice
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Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology
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Diploma of Counselling
I go to lots of training and love learning new ways I can help. I test out the ideas and apply them in my own life. Practical, workable strategies combined with ongoing professional development provide the best outcomes for my Wellbeing Wise counselling clients in Brisbane and online.
Melody Edwardson, counsellor Brisbane, in her office with her dog, Rocky.

My Counselling Services

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When you work with me, we have a clear purpose for what we will achieve together and develop an agreed plan for how to get there. This is very practical. Unlike a chat with a friend, I am totally focussed on you. This allows you dedicated time and space to think through what you want and need to do to have a more meaningful, purpose filled life right now and into the future.

Unlike a chat with a psychologist, I am not here to diagnose you or see you through a medical lens or put you through a one size fits all treatment. I ask you curious questions to help draw out your wisdom, so you don’t need my advice.

Between sessions you experiment with some strategies and we can tweak them when you come back. Together, we decide together how many sessions you need.

How to Book

No referral needed. We can meet face to face at my Wellbeing Wise office in leafy Sunnybank or online via a secure, private health platform. Sessions are 60 minutes and cost $155. You can book and pay and via a secure portal. NDIS clients can opt for an invoice. You can reschedule up to 24 hours before the appointment otherwise full fee is charged.


I am available to develop and run training on wellbeing, mental health and resilience topics. My most popular trainings with Wellbeing Wise includes:
Tuning into Teens developed by Melbourne University, is a 6 session training for parents to become emotion coaches for their teens and tweens.
Wheel of Wellbeing training provides practical strategies for boosting health and happiness for the general community. It can be run in a format from 2 hours to 2 days.
Personal Medicine Coaching, developed by Dr Pat Deegan helps people discover what you do, not what you take for your mental health. It is evidence based and complements and strengthens other mental health treatments.
Rays of sunlight shining through a lush green forest.Rays of sunlight shining through a lush green forest.
Training dates will be listed in the book now section when scheduled. Shoot me an email if you are interested in something and I can let you know when the next course is running.
“Melody upgraded and delivered our community centre’s flagship Life Skills Training Program. Melody brought a richness to her role and her knowledge and expertise was invaluable in the successful development and delivery of the training. Melody’s exceptional skills were paramount to the outcomes achieved by the clients.”
– Julie
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Optional Free 15-minute Call

It is essential you feel comfortable to be yourself with me so that you can achieve the results you want. Feel free to book an optional free 15 minute call to see if you think I would be a good fit for you.
Book your Call
Man holding a cup of coffee in his hands during a counselling session in Brisbane with Melody Edwardson.
“You are the first decent person in mental health service provider land that I’ve met. Phew, what a relief! I cherish your wisdom and practicality.”
– Jeff –
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Contact Melody at Wellbeing Wise

Feel free to book an optional free 15-minute call if you have any questions at all or email me and I will respond within 48 hours.

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